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OPOS Technology: Introduction

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FusionERP 8 supports a wide range of pos devices like  receipt printers, customer displays, magnetic card readers and cash drawers. FusionERP 8 uses a technology called OPOS to communicate with these devices.

Most of the POS devices manufacturers provide with the OPOS drivers like windows driver. Please note that OPOS driver needs to be installed before FusionERP 8 can communicate with the peripherals.

You can find these drivers on the driver CD which comes with the device. It is however recommended that you check the manufacturer’s website for the latest drivers and instructions for setting up pos peripherals.

Getting Started with Receipt Printing:
1.Install and Setup OPOS Driver. Define LDN for the device
2.Test the device with  “Check Health”, found in configuration utility
3.Setup Station - Select the Printer (and other devices) with the same LDN
4.Setup the Printing Option in (Voucher Type).
Logical Device Name (LDN):

Regardless of manufacturer each OPOS compatible peripheral is identified by a Logical Device Name (LDN). We recommend that you follow the following naming convention to easily identify the devices.


Example : If you have 4 computers with following POS devices

For Samsung Receipt Printers Model SRP350 connected at Serial : enter, "SRP350S" as LDN.
For Posiflex Customer Display enter, "posiCD" as LDN.
For Posiflex Cash Drawer enter, "posiDraw".


Note : Each manufacturer will have a slightly different way of allowing you to specify the Logical Device Names. You will need to refer to the manufacturers own instructions to find out how to do this.


Note : Please notice that irrespective of the different manufacturer – you will see all  the available LDN defined in any application.


Note : Cash drawer may be connected directly to computer or directly to printer.  In second case you should choose the same port. If you want to be sure that cash drawer is correctly connected use check health.

Typical Setup of a  OPOS Drivers:


Note: There is a huge range of OPOS compatible devices available. This means creating a comprehensive user guide would be impractical. Instead this guide is designed to just get you started by providing you with instructions for installing and configuring the most popular OPOS drivers.


Please follow the following steps to setup a OPOS driver.

1.Start the application after the installation of OPOS driver.
2.Click the, "Add New Device..." item from the, "Edit" menu. A window will appear.
3.Select the class/type of device you want to setup and click the, 'Next" button.
4.Select the precise model and enter one of the following Logical Device Names (LDN) depending on the type of device you’re creating. It is important that you enter this correctly as this is how the RanceLab FusionERP 8 will identify the connected peripherals.
5.Click the, "Next" button.
6.Select and setup the port the device is connected to. You will need to refer to the manufacturers own user guides to find out the correct settings.
7.Click the, "Finish" button.
8.Test the device with “Check Health” option.
9.Repeat the steps above for each of your POS devices.