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Opening Stock Register

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Opening Stock Report shows the list of Opening Stock Voucher in chronological order (date wise).

Select a Voucher and Click .–E Expand button to see the details of Items of Opening Stock of the selected voucher.


Buttons in the Opening Stock Register:

Buttons are explained in Using Reports (Register). Buttons specific to “Opening Stock Report” are discussed here:

^B Barcode

Press CTRL + B or click this button to print bar-code for selected transactions or item entry rows. This will work both in Register View and Product View.  You can select one or more rows and print them together.

^T Transfer

Press CTRL + T or click this button to copy the selected transaction or Item entry row as a whole to Stock Transfer Voucher. This will work only if a particular Location and Warehouse is selected. In the following cases the button will not work:

Combined Location Report
Combined Warehouse Report


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