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No Stock Report

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This report shows the Items whose current stock have fallen to zero (or negative).

It shows the Item, Opening Stock, Stock In, Stock Out, Closing Stock and analysis of Stock Movement (like Days since last purchased, Days since Stock out  etc) for quick purchase decisions.

In collapse mode, the report shows the figures at Stock Group level, while in expand mode, itemwise details are shown.

You may explode any Item Group to see the Item details of the specific Group.

Columns in the No Stock Report:

Columns in the No Stock Report are as follows:


Shows name of the product.

Product ID

Shows four digit product code.


Shows opening stock quantity.

Op Val

Shows opening stock value.


Shows inward quantity of the item.

In value

Shows inward value of the item.


Shows outward quantity of the item.

Out Value

Shows outward value of the item.


Shows closing stock quantity.

Clo Val

Shows closing stock value.

Min Pur Date

Shows oldest purchase date.

Max Pur Date

Shows newer purchase date.

Min Sal Date

Shows oldest sale date.

Max Sal Date

Shows newer sale date.

Days since last Pur

Shows number of days since purchase does not occur.

Days since last Sal

Shows number of days since sale does not occur.

Buttons in the No Stock Report:

Buttons in No Stock Report are explained in Using Reports (Register). Buttons specific to the report are discussed here:

^D Item Detail

Press CTRL + D or click this button to see item child wise stock report.

^S Item Summary

Press CTRL + S or click this button to see item wise stock report after summarize child quantity and amount.


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