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Modifying Existing Transaction

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You may modify an existing voucher in following ways:


Direct Method: At Voucher entry screen (select the voucher type from respective Transaction Menu to get the blank Voucher entry form), enter the appropriate date range and press Display button (ALT + D) to get a list of vouchers in the specified date range.
Indirect Method: You may alter any voucher from any report showing list of Voucher.  In the list of vouchers, place the cursor on the voucher to be modified and press <enter> to get the voucher in modification (Alter) mode. Now change data in any field as desired.
Using Pg Up and Pg Down Keys to navigate through the vouchers.


You get the voucher with data as entered earlier. Now make change in any field as desired. You may also fill up data in any field which was left blank at the time of voucher creation.

This way, you may make modification any number of times. The earlier data is overwritten.

To undo the modification (if you have modified something by mistake and you want to undo that), at the time of saving, select No. The editing is undone and the previous data  are displayed. Now make the modification again at the respective field correctly.

Having done the modifications, select Yes to save the changes in the modified voucher.