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Modifier Management

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Modifier means the personalized effect on the Item (like extra lime, extra salt, no sugar, etc).

A list of standard Modifier's created for each Item. At the time of talking order, the modifier is noted down as per choice of the customer, and included in the Order to inform the Kitchen people.

How a Modifiers can be added to the item?

Modifiers can be added in two ways.

1.Add modifier as direct input to any item added in bill.
2.By choosing an answer from a forced question applied on an item.
How it works?

How modifiers is displayed and how calculations are performed?

1.Modifiers are displayed on screen under Menu Items
2.Quantity of modifiers will be equal to that of Menu Items
3.To change the quantity of modifier, change Menu Item’s quantity
4.To remove the modifier, delete / void Menu Item
5.Modifier will be printed under each Menu Item in KOT and Coupon
6.It will be printer on the  the Bill only if the price is > 0 (non zero)
7.Re-order will add both Menu Item with respective modifiers
8.Modifier will move along with the Move Item.It also works with forced question.

Header Fields are as follows:


Enter the modifier item name (Snack Bar Modifier).

Modifier Color

Press enter and select the colour from colour palette to display the modifier in the which the Menu appears.

Modifier Item Color

Press enter and select the colour from colour palette in which the Modifier Item  appears in the modifier menu.

Grouping On

Press Alt+L and select the item group from the list (Brand, Group, Sub Group).

Is Active

Set No to deactivate an item from the Modifier Master.

Line Field:

At detail line, the following particulars of each Item ordered are displayed..


Press ALT + L and select the product from the Product list or press CTRL + N button to create a new product. You can use multi selection keys here.

Sub Group

The respective Group details (if grouped on) is displayed from the Product Master.


The respective Brand details (if grouped on) is displayed from the Product Master.


Standard Sales price of the Product is carried from Product Master which you may change.

For more detail please visit:

How to change the prices of a particular item present in multiple menus?

Display Name

Type a Display name here manually. You can keep items under it. This is an addition to the Group/Sub Group so that items can be kept under a particular heading inside its actual Group/Sub Group to meet any special purpose. For Combo items you can utilize this functionality.

KOT Printer

Select the KOT printer from which the KOT is to be printed.

For more detail please visit:

How can I print KOT from my bill printer instead of KOT printer?


Press ALT + L to select a Modifier Type from the list.


Select this to promptly enter any message for kitchen. In tender screen after selecting a modifier, the keyboard will appear automatically for entering any message for kitchen related to the respective item. In the KOT, the same message will be printed along with respective item and modifier so that kitchen comes to know any instruction to be followed to prepare the item.

For more detail please visit:

Is it possible to pass additional information with Modifiers in run time?

Minimum Charge

Set it if you don’t want to use more than one modifier for an item. In this case you can increase or decrease modifiers quantity but can’t select any other.

Rent by Hour

Set it if you want to charge amount on hourly basis. Detail is given below.

Rent by Minute

Set it if you want to charge amount on minute basis. Detail is given below.


Set it if don’t want to use any of the above features.


Select background color for the item(s).  Changes in color will affect only the products having no images attached with them.


Use to change display order of modifier items.

Sub Modifier

Select a Sub Modifier. If it does not exist then press CTRL + N to create new.

For more detail please visit:

I want to merge the products of two or more subgroups into

Related Faq:
Maintain services as per hour and minute basis through RanceLab FusionRetail 6

Scenario: In my club casual members can avail certain services like Snooker, Swimming, Horse Riding, Gaming etc. They are charged on hourly and minutes basis. How can it be implemented in FusionRetail6?

Answer: You can easily maintain services on hours and minutes basis through FusionRetail6. Please follow the instructions given below to implement the task.


Step1: Create the following Service Items:

2.Type the 1st Service Item name Rent by Hour at "Product Name" field.
3.Set “Sub Group = Rent”
4.Enter other details and then save pressing ALT + S.
5.Type the 2nd Service Item name Rent by Minute at "Product Name" filed.
6.Set “Sub Group = Rent”
7.Enter other details and then save pressing ALT + S.


Step 2: Create the Modifier:

2.Type the name of the modifier at "Name" field, e.g. Rent
3.Click on "Product" column and then press ALT + L to get the list of all Service Items
4.Select “Rent By Hour” and "Rent By Minute" from the list
5.Set Rate for both of the Service Items
6.Set "Type = Rent By Hour" for the Service Item "Rent By Hour"
7.Set "Type = Rent By Minute" for the Service Item "Rent By Minute"
8.Press ALT + S to save.


Step 3: Add the above modifier with Menu Service Items:

2.Press ALT + L at "Name" field to open an already created Menu in modify mode
3.Set "Modifier = Rent" for the Service Items to be sold on Hourly / Minute basis
4.Set "Rate = ZERO" for the Service Items to be sold on Hourly / Minute basis
5.Press ALT + S to save.


Step 4: Sale Entry (Quick Mode):

2.Select the Service Item
3.Select modifier "Rent By Hour" for hourly service and enter required quantity for it, e.g. for two hours enter Qty 2
4.Select modifier "Rent By Minute" for service on minute basis and enter required quantity for it, e.g. for 15 minutes enter Qty 15
5.Tender then Finish to save the transaction.



If you are using tables for assigning a particular game to the customers then you do not need to put quantity for the modifiers Rent By Hour or Rent By Minute like above, here the system will calculate the quantity automatically as per the duration time of the said table, and the amount will be charged accordingly.