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Login to FusionERP 8

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Windows > Start Menu > Programs > FusionERP 8 > FusionERP 8 icon

You will be presented with login screen.Use the following to login to the system.

User Name : adm
Password : adm

Note : This is default administrator account with all access rights.Please change the password as soon as possible.


There are 3 types of login screen available.

1.Normal Mode : User name and password is asked.
2.Touch Mode : You will be presented with a on screen keyboard.
3.Fingerprint: To be used if a fingerprint scanner is installed.

      Productivity Tip


You can give access card to your employees which can be used to login into the system.

Note : You can change the login mode using toggle button


-N Normal Mode
-T Touch Mode.

The changed login type is saved for future use.


The login screen also has the following functions

Auto Update: F8:  It will check for new updated.
About FR8: F9 :It shows useful system info.
Language: Alt+G: Use this to set the language to Arabic, English, French, German,  Hindi, Polish Russian or Spanish.