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Link Information

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When you set Yes at Set Link Information field in the Location Master Entry screen, you get the following screen to specify the Link Information Options

Set Link Information


Enter the name of Link Information (e.g Link from HO to Mum).

Email Setting

Email Address for Link

Enter the e- mail address (e.g

Email Password

Enter the e-mail Password . This info is not shown in screen for secrecy and is masked with a series of asterisks like  ***************. FR8 will verify the password at the time of login.


Set Yes / No as the case may be.

Incoming Mail Server

Enter the incoming mail server name (

Incoming Server Port

Enter the incoming mail server Port (e.g 995).

Outgoing Mail Server

Enter the outgoing mail server Port (e.g

Outgoing Server Port

Enter the outgoing mail server Port (e.g 587).

Outgoing Authentication

Yes / No.

IP Setting

IP Receive Batch Size

10 is default. HO will send 10 records from outbox at a time to the branch. You can increase or decrease this value.

Offline Setting:

Enter the name of the folder where data temporarily gets stored until transferred in a batch to the main database (e.g //admin:/d/)

Offline Export Folder

Enter the name of Offline Data Export Folder (e.g C:\FusionRetail6\Export).

Offline Import Folder

Enter the name of Offline Data Import Folder C:\FusionRetail6\Import.