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Length of Seating

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You get analysis report of seating capacity available, occupancy and contribution per seat / Table. This is a management report showing the capacity, seat and occupancy at a glance.

Fields in the Length of Seating:

The different values as shown in the report are explained below:

No of Tables

Total Number of Tables in the layout

No of Customers

Total Number of Guest visited (Number of Pax)

Avg Cust Per Table

No of Tables / No of Customers

Avg Amt Per Customer

Total Amount / No of Customers

Total Mins

Total Time this layout was doing business (number of minutes)

Avg Min Per Cust

Total Mins / No of Customers

Total Amount

Sales for the period

Avg Amount Per Table

Total Amount / No of Tables

Avg Mins Per Table

Total Mins / No of Tables

Avg Amount Per Min

Total Amount / Total Mins

No of KOT

Number of KOT entered

No of Trans

Number of Memo or Bill

Avg Amount Per Trans

Total Amount / No of Trans

Avg Cust Per Trans

No of Customers / No of Trans

Avg Min Per Trans

Total Mins / No of Trans