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Journal Print Option

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Journal Voucher Type Print Option

You get this screen when you press ALT + R or click button "-O Opt Prn Rec" in the Voucher Entry.

Preview Header

Enter the Header line to be printed above the Document Title (e.g Subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction)

Document Title

Receipt Voucher


Enter the Document Footer to be printed at the last line of the document

Format Files

Select the Format File in respect of the document from the list of Format Files

Print Multiple Format

Select Yes to print in Multiple formats, else select No. Select Ask to enter the option during printing.

POS Print Option

Print Ledger Balance

Set Yes to print current ledger balance Debit/Credit under the ledger name else set No.



Print ledger balance is only applicable with third party ledgers (Sundry Debtor or Sundry Creditor).

Print Station

Set Yes to print the Station Name else set No.