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Installing FusionERP 8

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Installing on One or More Computer

Single Computer: If you want to install and use FusionERP 8 only on one computer, that computer will be used for both back office and point-of-sale tasks. In this case the database (and of course SQL Server) will reside on the same computer.
Multiple Computers: If you want to use multiple computers then designate one computer as the main computer (let us call it server). Only the main computer (server) will have the store database and other computers will communicate with the main computer through the network. The main computer is often set up in a back office and used for other tasks e.g. purchases and bar coding. The other computers can be used to perform other operations e.g. POS, accounts and CRM.

Use the same  installer for Server or Client

After downloading you can start the installation by double clicking the FusionERP 8 installer.


       Key Information

The same installer package is used to install FusionERP 8 on server as well as client computer.

Note: If you are using the original FusionERP 8 disk provided by RanceLab® then the installer will start automatically and guide you through rest of setup process.


      Productivity Tip

Once installation on server is over - Copy the installer in the \\server\Fr6Share\installer folder so that you access the installer from other computer through network.

Installer checks and if required installs the pre-requisites e.g. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition and Microsoft POS for .NET v1.11. etc.



If you are installing it on a client computer then skip to install SQL Server by clicking “No”
FusionERP 8 installer creates an instance of SQL Server 2008 Express Edition by the name of RanceLab2008.
You may access this instance by typing <ServerName>\RanceLab2008 in SQL Server Management Studio.

Notes for Windows XP Service Pack 3:

Please note FusionERP needs .Net Framework 4.5.1 which does not supports Windows XP.