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Installation at Node

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Installation at Node

Copy FusionERP 8 installer in the node system from the software CD

Right click on the Installer.exe then select "Run as administrator" from the list

It will start one-by-one installation of the following component

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1
Microsoft Point of Service for .NET v1.11.
RanceLab® FusionERP 8 Release
Step 1 : Run the FusionERP 8 software installer:

Run the FR8 Installer e.g. FusionERPInstallerR_2.8.exe

After running the installer.exe, it will install all the required components step by step automatically. You just have to follow instructions of the message window.

Step 2: Installation of .NET Framework 4:

After running the FusionERPInstallerR_2.8.exe, at the first instance software will ask you to install .NET Framework 4 if doesn't find it installed in the current system.

You just have to select "Ok" in the message window then rest of the installation process will be done automatically.

Step 3: Installation of POS for .NET v1.11:

After .NET Framework successfully installed, it will check whether SQL Server 2008 R2 is installed in the current system or not. If doesn't find it installed then will ask you to install. But now you have to select "No" in the message window since it is not required for the Node / Client systems.

After that it will install POS for .NET v1.11 automatically.

Step 4: Installation of FusionERP Release

At last it will install FusionERP 8 software in the specified drive and folder.


For the Window XP Service Pack 3 Pcs, it is required to install Windows Installer 4.5 and Windows PowerShell 1.0. You have to install these separately since these are not included in the FusionRetail™ 6 software installer. For the higher Window versions these may not require to be installed.

Step 5: Update the current version FusionERP 8

Run the FR8 Updater e.g. FR8UpdateR_2.8.exe