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Implementation Guide: Retail Grocery

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Super Store Implementation Guide.

Step 1: Location Setup:
1.From main go to the Location Master (M > I > L)
2.Create different locations and give the Company name
3.Set Data Sending Rules as follows:


Data Sending Rules

Head Office

Ho to Branch


Branch to Ho

Step 2: Voucher Types Setup:
1.From main go to the Voucher Type (M > A > V)
2.Create the voucher types for all of the locations and given the prefix for the voucher types.
3.It is used for assigning for the User(s) and Printer Setup
4.More it is used for various customize settings in Voucher Option like Negative Stock, MOP, Other Charges etc.



You may create multiple siblings of the basic Voucher Type for security, accuracy & ease of operation (e.g. Cash Sale, Credit Sale, etc. for SALE Voucher Type) and set the option accordingly. For each Voucher Type, you may set its own numbering scheme, Transaction Option and Printing Option.

Step 3: User Setup:
1.From main go to the User Setup (M > O > U)
2.Create the Users for all of the locations and assign specific for each locations accordingly
3.There are several Users and some of them are Operators, Back Office, Manager, Purchase, and Administrator etc. So, need to assign the correct Designation to the respective User based on the work he/she does. You may also define the default voucher type for the users.
Step 4: Station Setup:
1.From main go to the Station Setup (T > A > S)
2.Create stations for all of the branches
3.Assign printer on the station
4.Assign Customer Display on the Station
Step 5: Printer Setup:
Bill printer setup:
oIf it is in DOS format than setup the printers in Station Setup
oIf it is in Windows format then set Windows in Voucher Types
Barcode printer setup:
oIf it is in DOS format than setup the printers in Station Setup
oIf it is in Windows format then set Windows in Voucher Types
Step 6: Product Master Creation:
1.From main go to the Product Management (M > I > P)
2.Department should not be more than 2, e.g. Food and Non-Food
3.Group name should not be more than 30
4.Create Sub-group as required
5.Set Print Barcode no if using  UPC/EAN code
6.If Loose Product than Ask Qty = YES
7.Set Generate Product Child = YES
8.If Use FIFO = ‘NO’ and using UPC/EAN code than during the product scanning in FusionRetail6, if the software found common UPC/EAN code with different MRP, it opens a list to choose from. The salesperson has to select the proper MRP product from the list. This entire process is very time consuming while it repeats itself for many products.
9.FusionRetail6 creates child products whenever it founds any product with Common UPC/EAN code but different MRP
10.If Use FIFO = ‘YES’ and using UPC/EAN code  in that case if Same product of MRP 100. and Rs.110 , now a Customer came to the counter with a product having MRP of Rs. 110,but  on scanning that product software will populate MRP 100 on the screen as because  FIFO. In this situation you have to manually change the sale rate from 110  to 100
Step 7: Customer Master Setup:
2.Generate Blank Card Location Wise
3.Set Allowed Credit Sale Yes / No.
Step 8: Account Master Setup:
1.Create / Import the Accounts masters
2.For Suppliers set Bill wise  detail = Yes
Step 9: Tax Master Setup:
1.From main go to the Tax Master (M > A > T)
2.Create the Tax masters
3.Purchase / Sale
Step 10: Opening Stock:
1.Import the Opening Stock of each and every location
2.For opening Stock Import following fields are must:
Product Name
Product Code
Sale Rate
Purchase Rate
Step 11: Global Option Setting:
1.From main go to the Global Option (T > A > G)
2.Set Method of Communication
3.Set Allow Transaction Modification at Other Location= No
4.Set Digit after Decimal = 3
5.Set Allow Transaction in Demo = No
6.Set Allow Zero rate Entry = Yes / No as per your requirement
7.Set Allow User to Login Other Location = No
Step 12: Branch Database Creation:
1.Create Branch DB for every Branch Location
1.Restore it at every Branch Location
Step 13: Activation:
1.From main go to the Activation (T > L > A)
2.Activate the software in each and every Location



Please Surrender the activation key before formatting the data server.



If chain store setups then do all location Purchase in Ho or Warehouse location using change location and change voucher type method. Also You can do all purchase entry in the main location and send stock through stock transfer.
Create BOM for Repacking Products and Make Stock Journal entry (Production for New Product) after that Press Ctrl + R (Auto Recipe) for consumption of Main Product.
Create Price List for daily Rate Change Products.
Before go live print all documents. Make some dummy entry for each transaction.