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Implementation Guide: Restaurant

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Installation on Server and Client
FAQ for Reinstallation
Setting up the Database


Settings up hardware

Login to FusionERP
Station Setup
F&B Outlet : Typical Station and OPOS Setup
Receipt POS and OPOS Printing


Software Settings & Masters

Location Master for Company Name and Detail
User Setup and Designation Setup for setting up the Security
Table Setup  and Seat Master
Product Management for Item Creation and Inventory Structure
Menu Management and Sub Menu
Forced Questions
Cancellation Reasons
Modifier Management and Sub Modifier
Product Recipe (BOM)
Combo Master
Service Mode
Mode of Payment
Transaction Options and Sales Transaction Option
Printing Options and Sale (Win) Print Option OR Sale (POS) Print Option



Sale Invoice (Touch POS)
Orders Entry for a Table
Displaying the Transactions (F&B)
Tender (Finishing a Order)
Print Manager
Printing Multiple KOT from Single Printer
Activating Service Mode
Walk Ins
Dispatch Home Delivery



Cash Drawer Balancing , Day End Report and Length of Seating
KOT Analysis and Void Item Analysis
Sales Register and Tax Register
Food Costing and Menu Engineering
Stock Statement and Variance Report
Daily Transaction Sheet, Bank Book , Cash Book  and Ledger Report
Trial Balance , Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet


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