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Getting Help

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There are a number of different sources of help in FusionERP 8. In addition to this help file you can also access online faq and email support.

To get started, your main source of information should be this help file. We have designed it to provide all the information you will need for using and learning FusionERP 8.

Before contacting support, please make sure that you really can't find the information you need here or on the online faq.



Displaying the Help Manual from FusionERP 8

The quickest way to display the help is to press F1. If context-sensitive help is available it will be displayed automatically.
Most screen have a Help button that displays relevant information.

Some of the screen have the Help button in the next Button Bar tab.

       Key Information

This will show you the important information.

      Productivity Tip

This will show you some tips.


Online Help Manual

Online user help manual for FusionERP 8 here on the RanceLab® website:


Online FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Online FAQ for FusionERP 8 here on the RanceLab® website:


Using the user blog

The online FusionERP 8 user blog is a wonderful resource that contains a huge amount of material. Please register today (it's completely free) and get support from the RanceLab® team and thousands of other experienced FusionERP 8 users.
The blog also has a list of links to other useful sites and user groups where you can find more information about retail industry.



Video Tutorials

A selection of video tutorials (both for owners and operators) showing you how to take use of  your FusionERP 8 Software is available here on the RanceLab® website:


Getting a printed user manual

You can download a formatted PDF version of the entire documentation designed for printing from our download page at:


Contacting RanceLab® support


Online Support Portal: please follow these steps
1.Go to > click Support > click Customer Login
2.You need to log in using User Name and Password provided by us
3.If you DO NOT HAVE the login detail or misplaced it, please email us at; we'll be happy to help.

      Productivity Tip

Support Portal is always a better and faster way of communication.

You're welcome to use it to post your suggestions, questions and bugs.

Direct Email Support is available from the FusionERP 8 team at


Telephonic Support: You can call us on +91-33-4066-4277