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This is a cloud based software, which helps you to know your business transactions from any where at any time. It shows you various graphical analysis reports.

You can enter touch pos transaction and receipt voucher entry using tab, smart phone etc while sitting away from the business setup.

Before using FusionMobi you have to configure it. Please follow the steps given below:
1.Login at
2.Click on "Settings"
3.Enter data service e.g., where is your static IP and 6161 service port
4.Click on "Submit" button
5.On successful connection, it will allow you to login
6.Enter user "id" and "password" then click on "Login".


Current database running with the entered IP and Service Port will be picked up automatically.
In order to configure Station for the user please follow the steps given below:
1.In the login screen click on the "Setup" button before login
2.Set Station at "Station" column
3.Set "Scale of Values"
4.Click on "Submit" button.