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Export Data to Tally : FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Transfer Related FAQs

What will happen if I export data to Tally first and then delete some of  my Accounting Vouchers, Purchase Memos or Sales Memos in FusionRetail ?
Deletion : If you delete a voucher from FusionERP 8 , you have to delete them manually in Tally.
Modification :  Modify the vouchers in FusionERP and re export the same in Tally and it will overwrite the old voucher.
I want to transfer my FusionRetail’s Sales data only. But it is also transferring other vouchers (Purchase memos, accounting vouchers).

Data from FusionERP 8 will be transferred only for the modules with ‘Yes’ option.

My Export to Tally didn't generate any error. But in Tally imported purchase memos are opening in different format.

Run Tally and open any of your Purchase voucher imported from FusionERP, and press Ctrl-V to change the format (As voucher / As Invoice).

Select the option ‘As Voucher’ to make this voucher as an accounting voucher. This setting is to be configured before running ‘Export to Tally’ from FusionERP.

1.For global setting for this in Tally, do the following:
2.Go to main screen of Tally > Gateway of Tally.
3.Press F11 to configure Company Features.
4.Select Accounting Features in Company Feature menu
5.Go to Invoicing head and make the following change:
6.Enter Purchases in Invoice Format: No
When I’m exporting my Accounting vouchers like Payment, Receipt, Contra i.e. Other Vouchers from FusionRetail to Tally, they are not opening in the same format (double entry mode) as they were raised in FusionRetail.

Go to main screen of Tally > Gateway of Tally.

F12 Configure > Voucher Entry > Set “Use Single Entry mode for Pymt/Rcpt/Contra” to “No”.

I’ve successfully exported FusionRetail’s data to Tally, but Tally is not showing any data in Statutory Reports (VAT / CST Reports).

First of all ensure that you have configured your Tally for Statutory Reports.

F11 Features – Statutory & Taxation – Set “Enable Value Added Tax (VAT)” to “Yes”.

In Fusion Retail 6 we have to Select the proper Vat Class for every Vat Ledgers in Ledger Master according to tally Vat Class.

How can I export data from FusionRetail 6 as off-line and Import into Tally Manually?

If you choose the off-line method then FusionERP will create a XML File.

If any error is encountered during online export then FusionERP will ask if you want to export the data to a file.

Can I transfer data from Tally to FusionRetail 6?

Currently only one-way data transfer is possible, i.e. from FusionERP to Tally.

But you can import data in FusionERP from Excel or CVS format.

Can I transfer same data from FusionRetail6 to Tally again?

Yes. You can export same transaction again which you have already exported to Tally, specify the date range by pressing F2 and re-run export data to Tally..

Can I transfer Inventory voucher of Fusion Retail 6  in Tally?

No. You can export only accounting vouchers. Exporting only Accounting effect of Sales, Sales Return, Purchase, Purchase Return of Fusion Retail.

Inventory is not Exported

I Alter any Ledger in Fusion Retail6 After Export to Tally, What happen if I again Export?

If you alter a ledger in Fusion Retail6 then a new ledger will be created in tally.

I have created two ledgers   “ABC & Company” and “ABC * Company” in FusionRetail but after exporting I can not see the second ledger.

If you are configuring Tally with FusionERP, then please maintain certain precautions while creating Account Master or Ledger in FusionERP. Tally treats certain characters as special ones and restricts you to use them only once.

For Example

 The following symbols are treated same in Tally:

& . , * / ( ) = +

All the above-mentioned account names are same in Tally. Tally will create only 1 Account / Ledger where as FusionERP keeps records for 6 Accounts / Ledgers. If you want to use Tally with FusionERP, then avoid creating ledgers with such symbols to differentiate two names.


On Line Export Troubleshooting

Tally Server not running

Unable to export FusionERP Data to Tally as: Tally Server not running

While exporting to Tally it is giving error

“Unable to export FusionERP Data to Tally as: Tally Server not running”

This means you are trying to export data without first running Tally.

Note :Tally must be running at the location mentioned in Tally IP:Port (Configuration->Tally Options > Options), and the company mentioned should be opened and selected as current company.

Company Name are not matching

While exporting to Tally, it is giving error:

“Tally Company Name: ABC Company
FusionERP Company Name: XYZ Company
are not matching. Please specify names properly”

This means you are trying to export data of XYZ Company from FusionERP to ABC Company in Tally.  Change/Create company in Tally to XYZ Company. Always ensure the specified company is opened in Tally, before exporting data from FusionERP.

Run-time error -2146697211

While exporting to Tally, after sometime it is giving an error. Error message is:

“Run-time error -2146697211. The system cannot locate the resource specified.”

This means your Tally has stopped running, or current Company in Tally is changed during the export of data from FusionERP to Tally.

Error number is ‘-2147221020 Invalid Syntax

When I click the button,
‘Export to Tally’, it instantly gives an error. The Error number is ‘-2147221020 Invalid Syntax’.

You have supplied wrong address in the Tally Server (Configuration->Tally Options > Options).

To test your Tally Server setting, just copy your settings for Tally Server field, and run it on your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer).

If it shows the message ‘The page cannot be displayed’, then either your 'Tally IP: Port'  setting is not correct or Tally is not running. If your setting is ok, it will show the message ‘Tally Server is running’.

If your Tally is in your same computer where FusionERP is installed then you may define the Tally Server: http://localhost:9000.

Can't import! Check Tally.imp for details

FusionERP is showing message “Data Transfer from FusionERP to Tally Completed!!!”,

but Tally Interface is showing error “Can't import! Check Tally.imp for details”.  What shall I do?

This means in actual, your export to Tally has failed. Refer to Tally.imp file in your Tally folder for error details.

If you do not find any error listing in Tally.imp file, then this is one of the rare cases when your data transfer is through to most of the parameters, but failed due to some technical issue.

Please ensure that your Tally is not running in Educational Mode.
Please verify all the technical & Licensing aspects of Tally, close Tally & re-run it.
Then re-run Export to Tally from FusionERP.
Please send the Tally.imp file to FusionERP Support.
Exiting TALLY!  Internal Error

While exporting data to Tally from FusionERP, but Tally Interface generated following error:

Exiting TALLY!
Internal Error. Contact Tally Solutions.
Software Exception c0000005
(Memory Access Violation)

Tally has failed to import data due to some technical problem.

Please ensure that your Tally is not running in Educational Mode.
Please verify all the technical & Licensing aspects of Tally, close Tally & re-run it. And then re-run Export to Tally from FusionERP. In most adverse cases, your Tally data may have been got corrupted.
Run Tally to check it. If you are sure that your data has been corrupted, restore your Tally data from your previous backup and then re-run Export to Tally from FusionERP.
What are the possibilities when the module Export to Tally of FusionRetail will fail to work?
You are not running registered copy and pre-requisite version of Tally.
You have not integrated FusionERP with Tally properly. Check your configuration in FusionERP for Tally (Setting->Import & Export ->Tally Options ).
Tally not connected to any port.
Invalid Tally Server address and/or Tally Company name supplied in FusionERP.
All the other issues mentioned in this FAQ and manual of FusionERP for Tally.
Any unknown issue due to mismatch in version of Tally and FusionERP. Intimate the issue to FusionERP support.
What to do if I’m unable to export data from FusionRetail even after taking all the precautions and solutions mentioned in FAQ and Manual of FusionRetail for Tally?
First of all ensure that you have configured FusionERP and Tally properly. If everything seems to be okay at your end, then contact our Support. Please check if the log file Tally.Imp (located in your Tally folder), contains the error you are referring to.
You can also re-generate the log file, Tally.Imp for proper understanding of the current error you are stuck with. For this delete the Tally.imp file, and re-run the process of transferring data from FusionERP to Tally.
This time your log file will contain only the current error, for better understanding of the issue. Email this latest copy of Tally.imp along with the issue (with all the description & error numbers, if any) to