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Export Link Settings

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Main Menu > Settings > Import & Export > Export Link Setting (T > I > L)

Connecting the Branch with HO Data Service (if the server is NOT accessible via a fixed IP).

If you are using IP for Multi Location process then; after restoring of branch data, it is essential to connect the branch with HO Data Service. Very first step of connecting HO Data Service is pressing F6 or clicking "F6 Link HO IP" button in the main screen of the FusionERPTM6 at Branch Location Server.

However, the aforesaid steps failed to connect with HO then you have to generate a Link Setting file namely using Export Link Settings (T > I > L) at the HO Server and then restore the same file in the Branch Server using Import Link Settings (T > I > S).

In order to create the Link Settings file namely LinkFileFr6.zipat HO Location, please follow the steps given below:


1.At the HO server > From main menu go to the Export Link Settings (T >  I >  L)
2.It will create a file named “” in the folder specified by you
3.Send the file “” to the concerned branch using mail or any other way
4.Ask the Branch Location to import the file “" using Import Link Setting
5.On success it will ask to restart FusionERPTM6 software. On restart it is all set for data transfer.