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Downloading FusionERP 8

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FusionERP 8 Installer Package

FusionERP 8 Installer package is a easy to use (next-next-next type).

Required Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1, Windows 3.1 Installer and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition are available as a part of standard Installer package.

FusionERP 8 is available for download from

Note : If you have any difficulty in downloading FusionERP, please feel free to call on us at +91-33-4066-4277 or email and request for a free demo CD.



By default, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition is installed along with FusionERP 8, and a new SQL instance RaceLab2008 is created.
You can skip the SQL installation If you want to use an existing instance of Microsoft SQL Server.
If you want to run FusionERP 8 on more than one computer, you must open the firewall port on each computer to allow database communication. For more information, see about firewalls and connecting through them.
Please close any open programs before continuing with the installation.