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Deleting Transactions

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"Ctrl + D" in Voucher Alteration mode


You may delete any voucher in Voucher Alteration mode by clicking "^D Delete" or pressing Ctrl+D.

You get a message “Confirm Delete”. Type Y (or click Yes) to confirm deletion (otherwise press No).



Deleted vouchers are physically removed from the database and hence you cannot get back the deleted voucher.

Note :  So, be careful before selecting Yes at Deletion confirmation box.

(If you are not sure, press No, check the voucher again and then decide).


After you press CTRL + D for delete, a confirmation (Yes / No) is asked. Press Y to confirm deletion. To cancel the deleting command Press N. The voucher will remain intact.


"CTRL + Del" in Display Report:

You can delete any voucher from the display report by highlighting the record and press CTRL + Del key or press "^Del Delete" Button.

You can also delete many transaction in one go (bulk deletion) by selecting multiple records using CTRL + Click  and then pressing CTRL + Del.


      Productivity Tip

If you need to select all the records shown on the report in once go then press CTRL+ A




Effect on Numbering of Voucher after delete:

What happens to the series of  voucher numbers when a voucher is deleted?

Nothing happens to the existing voucher numbers. For example, if voucher number 3 is deleted, the voucher number 4 will be 4 (intact) 3 and all subsequent vouchers will get numbers from 5 and so on. The deleted number remain missing.

Note : The deleted number remain missing. You can use the voucher renumber process to renumber the existing voucher.


How to renumber a series of voucher? How the re numbering of vouchers(transaction) works?

FusionERP 8 does not automatically renumber the voucher numbers on deletion of a voucher. You have to run the renumbering process manually.

Follow the steps to re number vouchers:

1.Main > Master Data Management > Accounts > Voucher Type (M A V)
2.Display  (ALT + D)
3.Select row of the voucher name you want to renumber

 Example: if you want to renumber purchase vouchers then select the purchase voucher row.

4.Click "-R Renumber" button or press ALT + R to start the renumber.
5.Press yes to start the renumber.

After renumber it will show you a report automatically  where you get the old voucher number along with new voucher number.

Note: The renumber function will renumber entire vouchers of the selected voucher type.