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Daily Transaction Sheet

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In Daily Transaction Sheet, you get the summary of Top Level Groups. On exploding any group, you get the underlying Groups and ledgers in tree structure.

You may explode to ledger level and finally get the list of vouchers related to the ledger. You may use the + / - sign at the node to expand  / collapse groups or use Expand / Collapse button. Groups are shown in Bold and Ledgers are shown in normal font.


Buttons in the Daily Transaction Sheet Report:

Buttons are explained in Using Reports (Register). Buttons specific to “Daily Transaction Sheet” are discussed here:

-L Ledger DTS

Press ALT + L or click this button to see Ledger wise Report.

-G Group DTS

Press ALT + G or click this button to see Account Group wise Report.

-U User

Press ALT + U or click this button to select a user from the list, then it will show report for that particular selected user. To see all users report together may select All User from the list.