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Customer List

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Main Menu > Customer Relationship  > Reports > Customer List

This report shows the list of Customers (under Group Sundry Debtors).


Buttons in the Customer List :

Buttons are explained in Using Reports (Register) and Birthday and Anniversary List. Buttons specific to "Customer List” are discussed here:



-P Bulk Print

Press ALT + P to print the Statement of more Customers / Members simultaneously for a given date range based on Billing Address set to Main or Alternate in the Customer Master > Other Information.


Please follow the steps given below:

1.Press ALT + P or click button "-P Bulk Print"
2.Set date from which want to print the statement at Date From field
3.Set date up to which want to print the statement at Date To field
4.Press ALT + L at Name column to select the Customers from the list. You can use multi selection keys here.
5.Now press ALT + P, subsequently the print preview for the entire selected customer’s will be appeared.

^E Bulk Email

Use this to send bulk email to the customers same as "-E Bulk Email" button in the Voucher Entry > Display screen.



In a prepaid setup you might need to block some cards. The blocked cards can not be used in prepaid transactions.

A field "is block" is available in the column chooser of this report.



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