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Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Currency (T > A > C)

Here you set up the particulars of each currency created.


Fields in the Currency:

Fields in the Currency Master are as follows:

Currency Symbol

Enter the Currency Symbol like, (Rs. $)

Formal Name

Enter the formal name of the currency like, Rupees

Digit After Decimal

Enter the numerical number to show after the decimal (e.g 2 for Rs, $, etc,  3 for Dinar)

Symbol for Decimal Portion

Enter the name of the decimal portion e.g p (paise), for Rupees, c (cents) for Dollars, p (pence) for Pounds, c (copecks) for Roubles etc.

Number Format

Decimal Symbol

Enter a symbol for decimal

Digit Grouping Symbol

Enter a symbol for grouping of digits

Digit Grouping Format

Select a format for grouping of digits

Amount in Words

Select format for amount in words.

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Currency Button

Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Currency