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Country Master

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Ctrl+N at Country field from State Master

This master contains the particulars Numbers and time display format.

You get the Country Master Entry screen when you press CTRL + N at Country field from State Master entry sub screen.



Enter the name of the country.

Number Format

Decimal Symbol

Enter the decimal symbol [like period (.)].

Digit After Decimal

Enter the number of decimal places in amount (like 2).

Digit Grouping Symbol

Digit grouping symbol  (like ,) to use separator for large numbers like 12,34,565.99.

Digit Grouping Format

Enter the format for showing large numbers (e.g 1,23,456,789 for the Lac format in Indian style,  or 123,456,789 for the million Format in American style).

Negative sign symbol

Enter the negative sign symbol like hyphen ‘-‘ or  parenthesis ‘()’ Negative sign is used to differentiate values with negative balance.

Negative Format

Enter the negative format (like -1.1). Negative format is used to display negative values (leading negative sign, trailing negative sign, parenthesis).

Display Leading zero

Set Yes to show leading zeros. Set No to suppress leading zeros in Amount figures.

Date & Time Format

Date Format

Select the format from the List. e.g DD-MM-YYYY to display like 19-11-2008.

Date Separator

Enter the Date separator (normally enter -). For example, specify ‘,’ to display the date like 19,11,2008.


Select 12Hrs / 24 Hrs clock. Select 24 Hrs to represent time like 23:10 (to show 11:10 pm), or select 12 Hrs to represent time like 11:10pm.