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Cheque Printing

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Main Menu > Financial Management > Transaction > Voucher Entry

Cheque Printing is available in Payment and Contra Voucher.

Steps to enable the Cheque Printing:

1.Open Voucher Entry (Main F T V)
2.Press F5 for Payment Voucher
3.Press ALT + O for Payment Transaction Option
4.Set "Print Cheque = Yes" and "Auto Print after Save = Yes"
5.Save and press Esc to come back to Payment Voucher screen
6.Press ALT + W for Payment Print Option
7.Select required format file at "Cheque Format File"
9.Now make a payment entry and save
10.It will show the cheque preview which can be printed

Customization of Cheque Printing Format:

We have included some of the cheuqe formats for you convenience, however you might need to customize the format as per your need.


Please follow the steps to customize the cheque printing format file.

Open any Payment or Contra Voucher in modify mode
Press ALT + C or click "-C Cheque Dgn" button in third set of buttons.
It will open the cheque format file in design mode.
Please note that a format file must be selected in Payment Print Option
Also a voucher must be in modify mode other wise you will get a blank bill designer screen
Edit as per your requirement and save the final changes by giving a new name to it.
Warning: Do not modify the included format files, instead save the change to new file.
For more info on designer please see Bill Designer