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Bill Designer

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ALT + V (-V Designer) key at any Transaction

This can be viewed by pressing “ALT + V” (-V Designer) key at any Transaction form in edit mode.


Major areas of the designer:

Designer Area


Tool Box

Contains standard controls that can be used to create a custom report


Change the font name and size

Report Area

Working Report area

Report Explorer

Report’s Page Header, Page Detail, Page Footer, Group Header, Group Footer

Field List

List of field specific to report

Property Window

Displays the properties of each control placed on report area

Various Modes

Designer View Mode, Preview Mode and HTML View Mode

Field List

Field list comprises of three parts:

1.Dataset: Dataset is a collection of data, usually presented in tabular form.
2.Table: Table is collection of rows and columns containing data related to selected report.
3.Fields: Fields contains data values that are displayed in report. You can drag any data field to report area. Explained in detail further.

Report Explorer

Report Explorer comprises of nine bands. You can place control from tool box in any of the nine bands you choose to use in your report.

1.Top Margin
2.Report Header
3.Page Header
4.Group Header
6.Group Footer
7.Report Footer
8.Page Footer
9.Bottom Margin

Adding a Band

To add a band, right-click report explorer and choose “Insert Band” followed by the band that you want to add to the report.

Tool Box

Tool box comprises of standard controls that can be placed inside the bands. Each control’s name is self-explanatory and helps you to use appropriate control as per different reporting needs.

Commonly used controls are explained below:

Use Label control to put captions before a data field.
Use Picture box to display your company logo on the report.
Use Panel as container as it holds several data fields.
Use Line to enhance the view of the report.
Use Shape to put identifiers or special marking on report.
Use Page Info to display page number on the report.
Use Cross-band Line and Box for horizontal and vertical intersections.
Use Subreport to call another report from base report.

Designing the Document

As shown in picture below, five bands have been added to the report. They are Page Header, Detail, Group Footer, Report Footer and Page Footer.

Further, using tool box, you can add controls to report area (as shown in picture below):

Using field list, you can drag and drop data fields to reports (as shown in picture below):

Adding Custom Fields

You may create your own custom fields by joining two string (text) fields or by adding numeric (number) fields.

Right-click fields list and choose “Add Calculated Field”

An Expression builder screen (as shown in picture below) will appear. Specify the calculations or joining parameters by selecting from available functions, operators, fields, constants and parameters.

Press “OK” when you are done. This field will be available in the list of fields. You can drag this field to report area like other fields.

Finally, click Preview to see how the newly created the report will look.