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Backup of Database

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How to take Backup of FusionERP 8 data?

Following methods of backup is available in FusionERP 8:

Auto Backup on Exit

This is automatically triggered when you exit from main screen to login screen. To use this option set the following fields in the Location Master.

Auto Backup on Exit

Set it Yes / No / Ask

Yes = This will automatically create a backup file in the specified folder.
Ask = If you want a confirmation question with yes and no as option.
No = If you do not want this function.

Backup Folder

Press ALT + L or double left click to select the folder where you want the backup file to be created.

Manual Backup

Settings > Database Maintenance > Backup Database (T > D > B)

This will create the backup file in folder specified in the Location Master.

Backup During the Version Update

During the version update process you will be asked to take backup of your data. Press "Yes" and it will take backup data and necessary files.


We strongly recommend you to take backup at this stage. This helps you to restore to the old version in case of any problem arises during the version update process.



Default backup folder is C:\FusionRetail6\Backup
Backup can be created at Server system only, it can't be generated at Node / Client system.