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Backup Database

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Main Menu > Settings > Database Maintenance > Backup Database (T > D > B)

Through this option you take backup of the database.

Generally the backup file location is C:\FusionRetail6\Backup. The backup file is a zip file having database backup and other important files.


How the backup file is named and what it contain?

For example : in this backup file

the first part FR6DBBack is constant and
the second part 724200980336 is date and time.

The backup ZIP file contains the following folders

Format Files: This folder contains the format files used in the printing the documents and bar code labels.
Layout: This folder contains the saved layout files. These files are used at the report to save and load the user views.
Photo: This folder contains all the photo's used in product master and customer master. Also the logo files and default photo files are stored here.

And following files

Error.log: This file contains the error generated by FusionERP 8.
Fr6DemoDB.bak: This file is the DATABASE Backup in sql backup format.
FusionERP.exe.config: This file defines the configuration such as database server name and database name.
Message.log: This log file contains the message generated by FusionERP 8.
Sync.log: This is the synchronization log contains the messages related to multi location data transfer.
How to open the backup zip file?

       Key Information


This is a FOLDER zip format which can be opened by WinRAR or 7Zip.


You can also open this using right click on the icon and choosing Open With > Compressed (Zipped) Folders


There are two ways to open the backup ZIP file.

1.Use WinRAR or 7 ZIP (Free) to open the file.
2.Use the Windows > Right Click > Open with Compressed (zipped) Folder function.

You will see the following folders

Use normal copy and paste command  to get the desired file.


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