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Auto Stock Journal

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Auto Stock Journal is an important tool for restaurant, sweat shop, food plaza etc.

It is used to produce production and consumption entry automatically for whatever you have sold, got returned and have produced, for a given date range on the basis of products specified in Recipe.


1.You must define Recipe for product then only Production / Consumption entry will be created.
2.Check "Generate Production from Sale" option in Product Master. If this is YES then Production/Consumption entry will generated from Sale/Sale Return only.
3.It will use the warehouse found on the item in the base transactions.
4.It will generate the data based on the selected location.  


Select the type before generating any Auto Stock journal. Set focus on Type field and select your choice the choices are,


Use it to create production and consumption entry only from Sale/Sale Return.


Use it to create consumption entry only from production


Use it to create production and consumption entry both from Sale/Sale Return and Production.


Buttons in the Auto Stock Journal Voucher:

–G Generate

Use it to create production and consumption entry.

Enter proper date range and Type before using this button.

Note : If a consumption entry is found then it will not make the auto entry.