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Audit Report

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Main Menu > Settings > System Report > Audit Report (T > S > A)

This report shows the log of each records updated (inserted or updated or deleted), showing the user name, date & time of the operation. This report also displays Deleted record.


Buttons in the Audit Report:

Buttons in the Audit Report is explained below:

F2 Date

Click F2 Date button or Press Alt+F2 for enter the Date Range.

P Print

Click P Print button or press Ctrl+P for print the Audit Report.

F10 Save View

FusionERP report designer allows user to set their own format by various ways of customizing a report. Once you’re done, you would like to save this format and use again in future. To do this, press F10 and specify a name.


Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen.

F9 Load View

Click this button to display saved view.

B Best Fit

Use this option to Best Fit all the selected columns as per current screen resolution.

F7 Set Default

You may specify the view saved through F10 to set as default for next sessions. Click F7 to set the currently saved view as default View.