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Application Settings

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This menu contains following setting options

Regional Setting: To set up settings applicable for each country in the country master
Currency:  To set up the particulars of each currency created
Units of Measure: To set up various unit of measures for Stock Items (like, Kg, Pcs, etc)
Station Setup: Set up the particulars of each workstation (terminal)
List Editor: Specify the properties of the drop down selection list to select an Item from the list
Global Option : To set up the data sending methods (e.g FTP, E-mail, Instant Messaging, IP, Offline etc.)
Number Code: Number codes used to convert base Numbers to any specified number or alphabet.
User Defined Fields: Using this feature it is possible to maintain various user defined data.
Button Reorganize: You can arrange buttons on every screen of the RanceLab® FusionERP software.
Festival Master: View reports as per Festival date range.