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Analysis Tools

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This menu shows different types of Stock Analysis reports as follows:

Stock Movement: Movement of stock for specified Item / Period / Stock Group
Stock Replenishment Report: To generate auto purchase-order.
Profitability: Gross profit (sales price – cost) on sale invoice
Inventory Margin Mix: This is a combined report of Item Purchase & corresponding Sales figures and Stock
No Stock Report: Items having no stock on a specified date
No Sale Report: Items not sold during a specified period
Price Point Report: Helps you to facilitate buying process by displaying stock items in different price points.
Product Expiry Report: Know what stocks are expiring in the given date range?
Stock Aging:Age wise analysis of stock in hand
Dash Board: Helps you to view Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of all locations on a single screen.
Container Stock Report: This report gives the details of all the containers.