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Main Menu > Settings > Licensing > Activation (T > L > A)

Through this option, you have to activate the license to start working with the software.

Note : The actual Activation Key is a 36 digit and will look something like this





Fields in the Activation:

Fields in the Activation are as follows:

Registration Info

Here you enter the particulars of the registration of the software licensee company

Company Name

Enter the Licensee Company Name

Contact Person

Enter the Name of contact person of the Company


Enter the email ID of Contact Person


Enter the mobile number of Contact Person

Optional Info


Street Address 1

Enter the address of Company

Street Address 2


Street Address 3



Select the City where company is situated or Press Ctrl+N and create City


State is displayed


Country is displayed

Postal Code

Enter the Postal (PIN) Code


Enter the Phone Number of the Licensee Company


Enter the website of the Licensee Company, if any

Activation Key


Activation Key

Enter the activation key of FR8 Software

Activation Method

Specify On-line or Off-line. Currently only On-line method is used to activate FR8. User has to enter the code given to him while purchasing FusionERP 8. This code along with above details need to submitted in to Activate FusionERP 8.

Buttons in the Activation:

Buttons in the Activation are as follows:

L List

Click at -L List button bar or press Alt+L to get the list of any item in the field


Click Exit button or press Esc button to come out of the current screen

A Activate

Click at A Active Button or press Alt+A and then Yes to activate the license