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About FusionERP 8

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FusionERP 8 comes to you as ready-to-use software focusing on retail (food and non food) businesses.

FusionERP 8 is organized in such a fashion that shoulders the responsibility of a retailer. Efficient data entry and specially designed reports with on-line filters suit any retail needs.

Despite the power and scope, FusionERP 8  is amazingly an easy software to learn and use. Implementation is a snap!

FusionERP, a comprehensive and flexible software trusted by 1000s of retail stores, restaurants and hotels, includes:

Inventory management with bar-coding
The correct inventory hierarchy is the mother of all MIS (Management Information System). Correct categorization is half job done in retail. FusionERP Inventory helps you to correctly classify and categorize complete stock accounting for any number of Products and SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit). With our innovative procedures you can avoid common mistakes and create a healthy hierarchy which in turn helps you earn more.
Sales [POS], Sales Order, Sales Return (Exchange, Due & Credit Management)
POS – Point Of Sale – A do-it-yourself section of FusionERP. It shoulders the responsibilities of an operator and enhances productivity. A concise, to the point and ready to use options loads them like a soldier on a war-front. Covers all modes of PoS like Normal sale, Exchange, Complimentary. Accepts multiple modes of payment. Integrated accounts helps you to collect payment by pdc at a later date.
Purchase, Purchase Order, Purchase Return, Supplier Payments
FusionERP Purchase instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to create a correct master when you are adding new products. Integrated accounts helps you to make payment entry at a later date.
Repackaging and Warehousing
Create as many warehouse for stock keeping purposes and use repackaging module for an item's form conversion (useful for novelty stores) or convert big bags to small packets (useful for grocery stores).
Physical Stock Verification and Adjustment
Most required and useful tool to regularly check and update your physical stock count with computer books.
Financial Accounting (General Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Branch Accounting)
With wide and flexible classification of accounts in visually tree structure, FusionERP Accounts gives you complete control with ease of work on your business. Instantly obtain your primary books of account with some analysis tools like daily transaction sheet and cost center reporting and verification tools like bank reconciliation statement, cash/bank trial balance with party wise payment due list and bill-to-bill details for cross verifying details with suppliers and customers.
Stock Transfer between Locations
Stock is transferred between stores through a special stock transfer process and are received and processed on user request. Local stock counts are automatically reduced when items are sold to customers or transferred to other stores. Local stock counts are increased as transfer received vouchers are tagged as received.
Multiple Tax Structure
Supports multiple tax structure (VAT, Sales Tax, Service Tax) to manage your inventory purchase - sales and financial accounting smoothly.
Chain Store Management
FusionERP Chain Store Management solution is a group of stores using FusionERP and sharing information between each other. The type of information to be shared is controlled by a master store. All other stores are known as branch stores. The means of communicating data between stores is via the Internet, or more specifically, by controlled e-mails. As each store in the Multi-Location group conducts day-to-day business, FusionERP is generating packets of information to be sent and received. These packets of information are distributed at timed intervals or on user request.
CRM [Customer Relationship Management] with scheme and points
Get intimate to your esteemed Customers by sending an Email on Birthdays and Anniversaries, maintaining their transcripts in different Privilege Club membership is the essence of FusionERP. Multiple Discounts and Price Level schemes based on Value for a Product, a group of products, a customer, or group, or whatever. Set the likes and dislikes of the Customers to cater their needs at POS. Billing System automatically incorporates the same and displays history of Purchase for each Customer at POS.
MIS [Management Information System]
As the retail actions are performed, FusionERP MIS builds a detailed history of each event. Analysis of this history then provides the basis for merchandising decisions. FusionERP comes with a collection of predefined management reports. Any report can be run for any date range, online filters and multiple options to suit the user. The reason for the wide range of reports available in FusionERP is to give each user just those reports needed to support a particular business and management style. FusionERP offers the finest reports and analysis possible with a large number of standard, ready to use, and highly valuable reports. Reports are incisive, analytical, fast, useful and accurate.
Chart and Dashboard for better analysis
Good Charts for Better Business. As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words", FusionERP chart and dashboard conveys key points rapidly without difficulties.