Point of Sale (Touch & Scan)

Integrated, fast and friendly POS

Inventory Management

Apart from room charges, a hotel generates revenue from restaurants, room service, mini bar, coffee shop, spa, gift shop, travel desk, etc. FusionPMS has inbuilt POS that easily handles billing at multiple points of sale. It is backed by robust inventory management that gives you total control of what comes in and what goes out.

Integrated POS

Avoid duplicate work

FusionPMS has a fully equipped POS software that supports billing process of restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, spa, room service, gym, salon, disco, lounge and banquet. It comes with a touch interface that is easy to use and requires minimal training to get it up and running. The fully configurable interface helps to streamline different processes. It supports all the leading billing printers and other POS hardware.

Simplified Menu Management

Minutes to prepare your menu and modifier

With FusionPMS, getting started with the menu is as easy as importing items from Excel. It automatically displays the items with photographs on a graphical interface. You can even define different colours and positions for each item. It supports changing the rates of multiple items in one step. It also supports creating a future menu by copying from an existing one. The future menu gets activated on a planned date automatically so that you do not have to do it that morning.

Real-time Table Status

Coloured Table Status with Duration

FusionPMS simplifies the creation and management of multiple layouts of various sections of the restaurant as per the floor plans. It helps you to get the real-time picture of the occupancy status of the restaurant in one single screen with different legends. The software eases handling and managing guest requests for seating during the rush hours to provide ultimate guest satisfaction. Auto status and colour segmentation update helps to reserve the table for a future date and time for your esteemed guests.

Robust KOT printing mechanism

User-defined KOT Print Channel

Communicating each time with the kitchen staff and the waiter is a tiresome job and creates hassles, thus removing focus from your guests. FusionPMS has an innovative KOT printing mechanism that serves as a reliable communication channel between the wait staff and kitchen staff. It helps eliminate the errors related to food and preparation choice requested by the guests. A single order consists of food and beverages and is automatically routed to specified kitchen, bar and other sections.

Predefined Customer Discount

Fully automated discount controlled by loyalty card, Subscriptions, Combo offers, etc.

FusionPMS helps to offer discounts to various guest types, such as corporate,groups, individuals, etc. The day-end reports clearly show the amount of discount given in the day and to whom. Since the discount is fully controlled by the system, it eliminates regular checking of whether the discount is being given to entitled guests.

Happy Hour Pricing

Get higher sales in those slow hours

FusionPMS helps you figure out the slow hours in the restaurant billing. It simplifies the process of offering a special happy hour pricing that helps to increase revenue in those low hours, keeping other costs constant.

Combo Offer

Increases per person check average

With FusionPMS, you can up-sale and cross-sale your menu items. It helps you to achieve a higher PPC rate (per-person-check-average or average amount per person). The guest is also satisfied as he/she is getting more value for the money spent.

Cancellation Reason

Helps you to reduce the voids

With FusionPMS, it is easy to define different cancellation reasons. It enables management to have due deligence on the employees as to why the items had been cancelled and restrict any type of misappropriations.

Split Bill and Multiple Modes of Payments

Let the guests pay the way they want

Your guest may have different needs when it comes to settling the bill. Guests on a table may want to split the cheque evenly or by seat. Someone can even ask for a separate cheque for food and drink. A no-tax bill might be required by diplomats or government officials. It also supports multiple modes of payment like cash, credit card, charge to room and charge to account. It even supports split payments like half in cash and half in credit card. FusionPMS helps the restaurant staff take care of all of those requests without making mistakes, even in high pressure hours.

Print Manager

Handle the non-working printer without tech support

The printer serves the restaurant team as an important communication tool. FusionPMS comes with a print manager which helps you to redirect printing from a faulty or out-of-paper printer. Usually restaurants run on late hours when getting tech support is a bit of a challenge. The redirection interface is an easy-to-use touch interface. Once the problem is fixed, the redirection can be easily cancelled.

Guest History, Preferences and Favourites.

Know your guests and enhance their dining experience

With FusionPMS, you can easily access the preferences and favourites that are required to make the guest feel important and satisfied. A guest’s favourite food, other preferences and details of last visits are readily available to the wait staff. This information plays a vital role for taking care of a regular guest, even if their preferred wait staff or bartender is on leave.

Multiple Service Modes

Room-service, Dine-in, takeaway and home delivery

FusionPMS gives you multiple service modes, such as dine-in, take-away and home delivery. The information is communicated to all KOT channels so that the kitchen staff can prepare for serving as per the service mode.

Restaurants (a la carte dining or buffet)

Most fashionable order taking - Fine Dine, Quick Mode - Pay & Eat, Spa & Salon, Laundry etc

FusionPMS comes with an inbuilt POS software that works equally well for different F&B operations such as fine dining restaurants, take away, quick-service, bars, clubs, lounges, coffee shops and discos. It is preferred by leading brands in F&B and accredited by successful owners and managers of profitable restaurants and bars. Serve more customers faster with the FusionPMS multiple KOT print functionality. With graphical layout of the floor plan, your manager can check and update current status of every table and other activities performed in the restaurant. Manage the weekend rush easily using the powerful table reservation system.

It offers touch-screen based order handling, KOT printing and billing with user-defined menu and modifier with “Today's Special” tag. You can even assign photos for each item for easy identification. Improve on guest satisfaction by taking care of their special requests, such as “Less Spicy", "No Onion" and "Make it 1 by 2". You can repeat orders with a click of a button. It also comes with a print-manager that responds by redirecting printing from a malfunctioning printer to a nearby working printer.

Room Service

Faster and accurate room service

FusionPMS comes with a full room-service module. The room service staff can simply select the room and punch in the order while taking the call. The KOT is printed in the kitchen. The transactions status is shown as open and once the guest signs the cheque, the status easily can be marked finished. All the open or finished transactions are readily available in the frontoffice and back-office accounting department.

Mobile Order Taking

Helps the service staff to spend more time on the floor.

For the restaurateur who wants to speed up customer service by using a mobile phone for order taking and KOT printing, FusionPMS has mobile POS modules that run across multiple devices, such as Windows Phone 7, Google Android and Apple iOS.

Unlike other mobile solutions, it is easy to get started with FusionPMS, using mobile POS over Wi-Fi or 3G. The order is punched into the mobile POS and the KOT prints in the kitchen automatically. This helps wait staff to spend more time on the floor and serve the guest with faster service.

Forced Question and Food Modifier

Improved guest experience with food preferences

Guests are most satisfied when they get food or beverages served to their unique preferences. Someone may like a standard dish without mushrooms or garlic. Some guests may ask for a dish to be a bit spicier than usual. FusionPMS helps the wait staff enter these modifiers and they are automatically printed on the KOT for the kitchen staff. It also supports forced questions that help to eliminate errors by asking a waiter to choose an answer while placing the order.

Void and Discount Control

Strict controls and processes to avoid malpractices

Voids and discounts are bitter realities in the F&B business. The staffs need to be empowered with these functions to satisfy the guest, but these rights are often abused. With FusionPMS, you can grant some users the rights to void and discount. All the voids and discounts are fully secured and controlled by designation-based security.