Housekeeping and Maintenance

FusionPMS empowers cleanliness as it influences guest choice to stay in a specific hotel

Inventory Management

According to several industry surveys, guests rate cleanliness as the most important feature affecting their choice to stay in a specific hotel. There is nothing worse than assigning a dirty room to arriving guests. In the morning rush hours when many guests are checking out and many are waiting to check-in, finding out which rooms are clean and verified eats up productive time and contributes to mistakes.

FusionPMS marks the room with dirty status as soon a check-out happens. It also marks stay-over room clearly during the night audit. FusionPMS provides the housekeeping staff a real-time occupancy report clearly displaying the room status for each room. The housekeeping staff can simply change the status as the cleaning is done and supervised. The changes are displayed at reservation as they are being made.

In addition to cleaning the rooms, the housekeeping is likely to be responsible for managing the laundry. Housekeeping is also responsible for storing proper inventory for cleaning and room supplies. It requires a good amount of time and effort for record keeping. FusionPMS helps the housekeeper to efficiently record and analyse the inventory and other activities to keep a check on cost.

Cleaning, Supervision and Room Status

User friendly housekeeping process which marks the room dirty on check-out automatically

The room is automatically marked dirty on check-out and a task is created and assigned to housekeeping. The task and status of each room is available to the housekeeping staff to update as and when the cleaning is done. The status is clearly visible at the reservation screen and it will never allow assigning a dirty room to a guest. The front-office staff can easily change the status on guest request. The system also can be set to change the housekeeping status to dirty or touch-up on night audit. FusionPMS helps the front office and housekeeping perform their jobs better, resulting in accurate and up-to-date room status.

Task Management and Scheduler

Efficient Task Management ensures fulfillment of task on time

First and foremost, guests want a clean room and as early as possible. FusionPMS helps you handle activities related to housekeeping, room supervision, maintenance and engineering. It works as a communication tool between the front office, housekeeping and the maintenance department.

Minibar Management

Proper minibar management paves the way for selling boost

Some of the guests consume the minibar items while others don’t. However, invariably, all guests like to have the minibar well stocked and to get billed correctly if they consume the items. It is important to charge the minibar consumption before the guest checks-out and settles the bill. This sounds simple, but it creates a lot of paperwork to be done by the housekeeping without making mistakes that either result in upsetting guests or lost revenues. FusionPMS includes complete management for the minibar billing and inventory control by offering a clear inventory position in each minibar, request to refill and billing option.

Inventory and Material Management

Better housekeeping inventory control enables satisfactory cleaning and refilling work

A large number of product inventories are required to be maintained by the housekeeping department for cleaning and servicing. The housekeeping inventory includes cleaning material, bedding, toiletries, kitchenware, glassware, stationery, coffee supplies and minibar items. If too many units are kept in storage, the hotel money is blocked. The shortage will result in unsatisfactory cleaning or refilling work of housekeeping. Housekeeping also needs to track how much is being consumed and how many are getting marked as out of service. It is also important to keep track of pending orders, otherwise this will result in duplicate orders and excess inventory. FusionPMS uses a report to help the housekeeper know how much of each item is in use or short, as well as items that have been ordered but not yet received.

Opening Stock

Single click to enter the opening stock, location wise and warehouse wise

With FusionPMS, you can kick-start the control system by importing opening balances of inventory details from other systems or Excel. You might have inventory items stored in different sections, such as main store, sub store, kitchen store, beverages store or housekeeping store. It allows you to enter the opening stock separately for each section and store.

Storing and Issuing (Stock Transfer)

Storing in warehouse and issuing to kitchens and shops makes stock management so easy

FusionPMS comes with complete in-and-out tracking of inventory that helps you to receive, store and issue goods for designated sections to prevent theft or pilfering. It’s easy-to-use stock transfer module helps you to transfer stock from store to kitchen, bar, housekeeping, etc., and vice versa. It prints proper vouchers for all issues and receipts related to activities of stores with a system to acknowledge both the storekeeper and the recipient. It also helps the storekeeper to issue items on a first-in/first-out basis, in particular the items with a specified shelf life.

Barcode Integration

Eliminate error, minimize dependency and speed up the process of inventory control

Apart from malpractices and corruption, inventory discrepancy arises due to common errors such as manually recording item X while receiving and recording item Y while issuing. It takes a lot of time to train personnel to know the naming pattern of the product masters, making the process fully dependent on a particular person. FusionPMS barcode integration eliminates errors and speeds up the process of receiving and issuing of inventory and minimizes the dependency. With FusionPMS you can either utilize the pre-printed barcode found on the product packaging or generate barcode labels for items without barcodes.