F&B, Store and Inventory Management

Making restaurants profitable for you and enjoyable for guest everyday

F&B, Store and Inventory Management

FusionPMS enhances guest experience by improving service with easy to use touch screen point-of-sale (POS), mobile-based ordering and automatic KOT printing. It helps you to easily achieve a profitable food costing by controlling the procurement, storing, issuing, item recipe, consumption, wastage and variance. With inbuilt menu engineering, you get a menu that is popular as well as profitable.

Menu Engineering

Index of item performances helps you to save stocking overheads

FusionPMS uses the menu mix and gross profit margin to determine the relative performance of each menu item and classifies them in a profit-popularity index as high-high, high-low, low-low and low-high. This helps you to balance the menu with popular items and profitable items. You also get to see how your signature items are performing as compared to other items in the menu with high sales quantity.

Recipe and Production Management

Automated Production & Consumption entry after Sale as per recipe defined

With FusionPMS, you can enter the recipe for each of the items selling in the F&B section. It also supports semi-finished items, which are used to produce the final items. Sometimes it is quite difficult to enter a recipe for a single item; therefore it also supports entering the recipe of X number or portions. While planning a buffet breakfast for a day, you also get the list of raw materials required by the kitchen.

Food Costing

Accurate food costing eliminates any chance of loss making

FusionPMS helps you with strict control on raw material procurement at correct rates, issuing in the right quantity at the right time. This keeps a constant check on food costing and improves quality. The system also creates production of items sold and consumes the raw material based on the sold items. The food costing report is based on the real-time sales and stock journal entries. FusionPMS supports two methods of viewing food costing: food costing based on total sales and based on cost of goods sold (COGS).

Variance Control

It is a path finder of both production mistakes and mischiefs

FusionPMS makes it easy for you to compare the actual consumption (cost and quantity) with ideal consumption. The ideal consumption is calculated using the recipe of items. It helps you to increase revenue and quality by controlling mistakes (erroneous data entry) and mischief.

Restaurant Table Reservation

Reserve a table for a guest in style and improve on average per person.

Guests prefer to book a table in advance over walking-in-and-waiting for the table. For example, a couple would prefer to book a table in advance or a group would like to book a party in advance for better arrangement. This results in a fair amount of paper-work and communication between the guest, reception, floor manager and kitchen planner. With FusionPMS, you can easily manage the table booking and waitlist for the current shift or for a future date. While booking, a preferred table and wait staff can also be assigned with guest name, contact detail and other guest preferences. The reserved get displayed on the POS screen in the booked time frame. Each reservation is displayed in an easy-to-use scheduler and available at the POS screen.

Store & Inventory Management

Prevents malpractices, pilferage and wastage.

F&B, Store and Inventory Management

Are you still using paper registers, issue notes or Excel to manage your inventory? It’s time to upgrade to FusionPMS for proper processes and control. While providing hotel service, it is required to procure and store a large number of inventory items on a regular basis. This generates a large number of transactions involving multiple people and departments that make it difficult to prevent malpractices (e.g. pilfering-of-goods or improper-disposal-of-usable-items) and corruption (e.g. under-supply-over-billing or inferior-quality-at-higher-prices). This eats up a major portion of the operating funds and directly affects profits and guest services.

FusionPMS comes with a perpetual inventory control system for procurement, purchasing, storing, issuing, production with physical stock verification.

FusionPMS comes with an effective store control that prevents malpractice and corruption. It helps you streamline the process and various controls for procurement, purchasing, storing, issuing of material, production and wastage. It also supports physical stock take and keeps a strong check with inventory discrepancy reports to enhance checks and balances.

Procurement and Purchasing


An operating hotel needs to store hundreds of items with different computation patterns, minimum order quantity and supply lead-time. This makes it difficult to maintain a good inventory position in which you do not end up blocking a large chunk of your operating funds and at the same time do not run out of stock position. The FusionPMS replenishment module automatically lists out the items that need to be to be procured with re-order quantity based on consumption during a specified period and pre-defined supply lead-time. FusionPMS also ensures that receipt of the quantity and quality of goods are as specified in the purchase orders. It helps you with proper procedures to record damaged goods, short-delivery and over-delivery of goods - all backed by a robust audit system to ensure the compliance with the hotel’s policy. The purchase module instantly displays last purchase details and auto-fills last prices. It enables you to classify each purchase and track and monitor preferred, good and bad supplier(s). It also helps to create correct masters when you are adding new products. You can even define rate contracts or price lists for monthly supplies.

Stock Adjustments (Stock Journal)

Stock adjustments to match physical count with books

Apart from direct sales, purchases, returns and stock transfers, stock movement also occurs from other activities related to production, consumption, shortage, excess and wastage of inventory items. FusionPMS helps you with proper recording of stock adjustments so that each activity is recorded to keep the inventory in sync with books. It includes procedures for disposal and writing-off stock with a proper recording and auditing system.

Physical Stock Check and Balances

Efficient way of store management after discouraging malpractices

Physical stock check helps to detect and discourage malpractice in store management. Since a store needs to deal with hundreds of items on a daily basis, a full stock in one go is not practical. FusionPMS helps to record the physical stock of items based on random warehouse, brand, group, bin, etc. It also simplifies the periodical stock check and recording of the physical inventory count. The physical stock check is reconciled with the inventory records and helps to handle discrepancies, such as missing stock. It also allows the necessary correction with automatic adjustment for excess or shortage with proper documentation.