Frequently Asked Question

  • What does it take to run RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6?

RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 System Requirements

  • What is the Platform?

RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 is a Microsoft® Windows® based multi user application. In a single location it allows multiple users to work simultaneously on different Windows® based computers connected through LAN. Its smart client technology helps you to connect multiple locations over internet in such a way that each location can work independently even if internet connection is not available for some time.

Operating System : Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2
Architecture : Client Server based Multi User System
Front-end & GUI : Based on Microsoft® .Net 3.5 Framework
Back-end (Database) : Microsoft® SQL Server 2005

  • How can I try out RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6?

There are number of resources to choose from in order to try RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6

Download full functional demo

Feel free to contact us for personalize demonstration by our expert

Screen Shots of RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 modules

Videos of the software and store operation

Online user manual can be a good source of information

  • Can I start with Express Edition and then upgrade from Express Edition to Standard or Professional Edition?

Yes. You can always choose to upgrade from Express Edition to Standard or Professional Edition by paying the difference amount..

  • How do I buy RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 and how to make payments?

You can buy RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 directly online worldwide with all major credit cards. As soon as your transaction is completed you will receive Activation Code which will remove the demo mode.

Alternatively you can place order at and we will send you the performa invoice. You can then send the draft /cheque to us or deposit it in our bank account.

Our Bankers

Account Name: Rance Computer Pvt. Ltd.
Bank Name Account Number Branch City , Country SWIFT Code IFSC/RTGS Code
Citi Bank 0-270834-337 Chowringhee Road Kolkata, India CITIINBX CITI0000001
HDFC Bank 000-8256-0006786 Stephen House Kolkata, India HDFCINBB HDFC0000008

  • What is the limitation or restriction of the RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 demo mode?

RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 demo mode is full working software; however the demo mode has following restrictions

Transaction can be made only on 1st and 2nd day of any month

Auto Upgrade will not work

  • Which barcode printer and scanner work with RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6?

Most OPOS compatible POS hardware works fine with RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 software. Please look at the hardware section of our website for more detail. If you want to know more about a specific hardware, feel free to email at

  • Do you supply the POS and Barcode hardware?

Yes. We do supply the POS and Barcode hardware. However you may choose to buy the hardware locally. To know about the available range and price of POS hardware please check out hardware section of our website.

  • Will the demo works on multiple computers?

Yes. RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 is multi-user software by default and setup is very easy.

  • How many network computers can use RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6?

There is no limit as such. It all depends on the number of user license you buy and the server configuration.

  • Why is you have integrated RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 with Tally.ERP 9 while you already have a integrated financial accounting?

Most of the auditors and business are already using the Tally.ERP for accounting, inventory and statutory reports. We offer export data to Tally.ERP 9 as a convenience to those who want to use it for accounting, statutory reports, payroll and audit purpose..

  • Do I need Tally.ERP for my accounting purposes?

Not really. RanceLab® FusionPMS™ 6 has all the features you need to do sales, inventory control, customer database, invoicing and purchase orders.

  • If I order your software how long will it take to get it?

The delivery of software and licensee keys is instantaneous; however the implementation time can vary depending on the requirement, size and locations of the hotel. Typically a hotel with 60 rooms may takes up 7 days for implementation.

  • What is "60 days Money Back Guarantee" and why are you offering it?

The reason we provided "60 days Money Back Guarantee" are:

We want our customer to be satisfied

We value trust and relationship more than anything

Moreover, we are confident of our products and services