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Introducing RanceLab® Data Service.

RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6 is introducing a new concept of connectivity through remote data service. 


  • RanceLab® Local Data Service: for local computers
  • RanceLab® Remote Data Service: for the head office server


During the upgrade to release 1.421 onward, the installer of FusionRetail™ 6 automatically installs windows service. The installation and un-installation of this service is completely maintained by the FusionRetail™ 6 software. No user action is required to maintain this.

Note: You must have administrative rights on the computer to install RanceLab® FusionRetail™ 6


Scenario: Branch wants to create a product master

    1. Branch creates a product
    2. The request travels to HO and the branch gets the response. The product is created.
    3. The HO also creates same master for other branches too.
    4. Other branches gets the same master whenever it connects to HO.
    5. The entire process is automated and no user intervention is required.



Requirement at Head Office:
    1. The Head Office server must have a live IP address (also known as fixed IP or public IP)
    2. The Head Office the port used by the data service must be unblocked by the firewall. The Fr6 uses one of TCP/IP port in the range of 6161 to 6262. During the installation, the DB Manager asks you to define the port of your choice.
Requirement at Branch:
    1. The Branch will just need internet connection in order to send and receive data from HO. Any broadband will do.
    2. Please note that fixed IP is not required at the branch.
    3. However if the internet connection is not there, the branch will still work.  Whenever the internet connection is found, it will auto synch with HO.


RanceLab® Remote Data Service for multi-location set up

Step 1: Upgrade to Release 1.421 (at HO and Branch)
    1. Update the software with the latest version
    2. After successful updating it will automatically create the service for you.
    3. Default port is 6161. There is no need to change the default port.
 Step 2: Finding the Remote Data Service address in Head office server
    1. In the server system of Head office note down the public IP address
    2. Create link for remote data service as the format given below.
    3. http://<Public IP of HO server>:<Port number of HO server>/FR6
    4. Format Example:
    5. Note: Please make sure that the above link is accessible from the outside of your privet network. 
Step 3: Setting the option in Head Office
    1. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Application Settings > Global Option (T>A>G)
    2. Set “Method of Communication = IP”
    3. In “Remote Data Service field” enter the link of your remote data service (as created in step 1).
    4. Save
Global Option for Multi Location Data Syncronization
Step 4A: Connecting the Branch (if the server is accessible via a fixed IP)
    1. Go to Main Menu > Press F6 or click the button “Link HO IP”
    2. Enter the link created in Step 2.
    3. On success it asks to restart FR6.
    4. On restart its up and running. You can check using Main > TG. Just click the remote service and see if shows a web page in internet browser.
Step 4B: Connecting the Branch (if the server is NOT accessible via a fixed IP)
    1. At the HO server > Go to Main > T I L > Export Link Settings
    2. It will create a file “” in the folder specified by you
    3. At the Branch server > Go to Main > T I S > Import  Link Settings
    4. Just provide the file created in step 2 of step 4B.
    5. On success it will ask to restart fr6. On restart it is all set for data transfer.


More Information



    1. Check if the data service is accessible using an internet browser. At server as well as node
    2. Check if the windows service is running at the server using start > run > services.msc
    3. To delete the windows server you can use the start > run > cmd > sc delete rancelabds_001 command.

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