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How to see stock age along with amount?

Scenario: I want to see age of each stock in hand or days since the products are laid idle along with relevant amount. Age category may be like <=30 days, 31 to 50 days, 51 to 100 days and >100 days along with relevant amount separately.
In stock ageing report two default ageing categories are given i.e. <=30 Days and >30 Days.
If you want to add more categories then please follow the steps as given below;
  1. In Stock Aging Report (W A A) 
  2. Press Ctrl+E or click on “^E Set Age” to set desired stock age category as shown in the picture below;
Stock Aging
Now it will add columns like <=30 days, 31 to 50 days, 51 to 100 days and >100 days to report header row. Under these columns it will show quantity of stocks having similar age or are laid since similar days. 
Stock Aging
Here if you want to see relevant ageing amount also along with ageing quantities then please follow the steps as given below;
  1. Go to the Stock Aging Report (W A A)
  2. Press Alt+K or click on “-K Add Column” to add a new column
  3. Type column name like Amount <=30
  4. Select Rate/Amount at “Type” field
  5. Select Sum at “Summary Type” field
  6. Set other details and then click on ok.
7.  Now it will prompt you to “Expression editor” screen. In Expression Editor you will get four fields for aforesaid day range and those are [<=30days], [31 to 50days], [51 to 100days] and [>100days], which is automatically generated by the system after putting day range by the user. Similarly every time it will create a new field for a different type of day range given. 
8.  In Expression editor you have to set formula for column Amount <=30 as shown in the picture below;
Expression Editor
In this way you have to create all other amount columns for different type of age categories like Amount 31 to 50, Amount 51 to 100 and Amount >100 using following formulas in “Expression editor” respectively;
  1. [31 to 50days]*[Purchase Rate]
  2. [51 to 100days]*[Purchase Rate]
  3. [>100days]*[Purchase Rate]
After create all required columns you can organise them as you wish by drag and place.
Stock Aging Report

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