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How to delete the credit note?

Requirement: When credit note amount is very small (ex:10,5,2) or for some other reason

I want to remove the credit notes from the list if they are too small in amount (e.g. 2, 5 or 10) or for some other reason.

Note: You cannot delete the credit note.

Work around: You can use the Journal Voucher to adjust the Credit Notesso that they stop appearing in the list.

Please follow the below steps

  • Make list of all the credit notes to be adjusted (Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Credit Note Register)
  • Go to Journal Voucher Entry (Main > F > T > V > press F7 for journal)
  • By Credit Note Issued A/c ........... Dr ...... (Type in the Total Amount)
  • Bill wise detail windows will popup
  • Select against ref in bill wise details and select credit notes number to be adjusted
  • Create a new ledger Credit Note Adjusted (under income group)
  • To Credit Note Adjusted .................. Cr ......


Tags: Information, Sale Return, Sale Return Register, Voucher Entry

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