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Is it possible to create a voucher entry against multiple cost center in just one go?


New functionality added in FusionRetail 6. Now you can create transactions against multiple Cost centers in just one go. To implement this feature please use the following steps…

Step1: Setting Cost Center option for an account

  1. Go to Main Menu > Master Data management > Account Ledger (M> A> A)
  2. Create an Account
  3. Set “Cost Center = yes”
  4. Enter other details
  5. Save

Step2: Creating Cost Center master

  1. Go to Main Menu> Master data Management > Accounts Master > Cost Center (M> A> C)
  2. Enter Cost Center name
  3. Save

Step 3: Creating Multiple Cost Center entry in a single voucher

  1. Go to Main Menu > Financial Management > Transaction > Voucher Entry(F> T> V)
  2. Select type of account entry (Receipt, Payment, Contra and Journal)
  3. Alt + L (opens account list)
  4. Select Account name from the list
  5. Enter Total amount
  6. Press ‘Enter’ it will automatically open “Cost Center Allocation” form
  7. Alt + L (opens Cost center list)
  8. Select Cost Center from the list
  9. Go to amount field and adjust the amount
  10. After complete adjustment “Cost Center Allocation” form will close automatically
  11. Enter Other details
  12. Save


You can see the cost center report in Main Menu > Financial Management > Reports > Cost Center Report (F> R> R)


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