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Displaying of Balance Quantity as Cartoons and Pieces together in Stock Statement

Scenario: We are purchasing Basmati Rice 250G packets in Cartoons containing 100 Pcs in each cartoon and selling both in pcs and cartoons. Now in stock statement we want to see balance quantity for this particular item as Cartoon + Pieces together. Suppose we have balance quantity 130 Pcs or 1.3 Cartoons of Basmati Rice 250G, we want to see this as 1 Cartoon 30 Pcs.

In order to get solution on above scenario please follow the steps as given below;

  1. Go to the Stock Statement (W R S)
  2. Press Ctrl+D to view item child report
  3. Press Alt+K to add a new column
  4. Type column name in “Name” field
  5. Select Quantity at “Type” field
  6. Select Sum at “Summary Type” field
  7. Set other details and then click on ok
Add Column
8. Now it will prompt you to “Expression  editor” screen
9. In “Expression editor” set following formula as shown in the picture given below;

iif(ToDecimal([Conversion Factor])=0,' ',iif(ToDecimal([Conversion Factor])>0,floor([Closing]/ToDecimal([Conversion Factor]))+' '+[A Unit]+' '+round([Closing]-floor([Closing]/ToDecimal([Conversion Factor]))*ToDecimal([Conversion Factor]),2)+' ' +[Unit],Ceiling([Closing]/ToDecimal([Conversion Factor]))+' '+[A Unit]+' '+round([Closing]-Ceiling([Closing]/ToDecimal([Conversion Factor]))*ToDecimal([Conversion Factor]),2)+' ' +[Unit]))

Expression Editor
Stock Register Cartoon Pcs

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