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I need to replace old labels. From where can I print individual barcode labels?


You can print individual Barcode labels in FusionRetail 6. Please use the following steps to implement/use this feature…


  1. Go to Main Menu > Warehouse Management > Transaction > Rate Change(W> T> E)
  2. 2.       Alt + W
  3. In “Format Files” select the barcode format file if you are using window mode barcode printing
  4. Save


  1. Alt + O
  2. Set “Auto Print Barcode = Yes
  3. Save


  1. Alt + L (Opens Category list)
  2. Select “All”
  3. Scan the items for which you need new barcode, or select from the list
  4. If you select products from the list, FusionRetail 6 will populate all the child of that product
  5. Delete those rows, for which you don’t need different barcodes, by using “Alt + Delete”
  6.  Change details, if required (You can change “BC Qty”, “SP Com%”, “SP Com Amt”, “Chg%”, “New SP”, “New Code” and User Defined Fields)
  7. Save, it will ask for barcode printing click on “Yes” to print barcode.


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