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Item missing in Stock Transfer

  • I created a new item

  • No purchase or opening transaction on that product

  • I created Stock journal entry in "Excess" type

  • Although it is showing positive stock in stock journal entry, whenever we try to locate that product in stock transfer entry screen, it is missing. 


We use Excess entry to increase the stock quantity of a particular item. During the Excess entry, the child is not created. For that very reason it is not possible to transfer that item. Please go through the following points to understand the issue more clearly.

  1. During product creation FusionRetail 6 creates 11 digit product code (e.g. 004M0000001)
  2. Here 1st 4 digits are mother code (e.g. 004M), next 4 digits are for child code (e.g. 0000) and last 3 digits are for location code (e.g.001).
  3. Every time we create a new purchase, opening or production entry for that particular item it will create new child code but the mother code remain the same. (e.g. 004M0001001)
  4. In transfer screen you can see only those products which have any child code.

So to create any Excess entry,

  1. Please create a purchase or production entry of that product for at least one time, which will create a product child.
  2. Go to Stock Journal entry screen  
  3. Select that product child
  4. Create Excess entry
  5. Save

Now in stock transfer entry you can find that particular product in the list.

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