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How do I view Report stating MOP and MOP Type wise detail?

You can create multiple types of MOP like HDFC Credit Card, SBI Credit Card, AXIS Bank Credit Card under the Type “Credit Card”. You can even view MOP wise detail for each Mode of Payment in Sales MOP Analysis (Main>S>A>M).


Now in order to view summarised detail of all types of credit cards, a new field “MOP Type” has been added in Sales MOP Analysis (Main> S > A > M). It will show summarised detail of all the MOP Types like Cash, Credit Card, Prepaid Card etc.


How to add the field “MOP Type”:

    • Go to Sales MOP Analysis (Main > S > A > M).
    • Right click on the report header row to open drop down box.
    • Click on “Show Field List” and it will open a field list at the right of the screen.
    • Now look for field “MOP Type” from the Field List and then left click twice on that field to get the field added in the report.


Sample Report stating MOP and MOP Type wise detail:


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