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Sal–Finance Report


Sometimes people need to takeout sale related information from FusionRetail to enter it in other accounting system. Sal-Finance Report is a kind of simple report to help in doing accounting entries efficiently.

New button “^S Sale Fin” has been added in the Cash Drawer Balancing report. Use this button to get simplified report of one or more selected batches irrespective of the status. It shows transactions in detail and simple way which will help you to enter data in other accounting software easily.


Steps are as follows:

  1. From main menu go to the Cash Drawer Balancing (S > R > B)
  2. Press CTRL + S  or click on “^S Sale Fin” button

Sale Finance Report


  • It will work for one or more batches selected.
  • It will work for both of the Batch Status Open / Close.
  • It will work on Sub Group by default.
  • Amount will be Quantity X Rate.
  • Sale-Finance Report will not be opened if batches of more than one locations are selected. If you select batches of more than one location then it will show a message say "Batch of Multiple locations selected".


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