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How to use Cash Drawer Balancing?

New feature added in FusionRetail6. Now you can keep track on your cash balances. Please use the following steps to implement this feature…

Step1: Using the Cash Drawer Balancing

  • Go to  Main Menu > Sales Management > Report > Cash Drawer Balancing (S> T> B)
  • Alt + L (opens list of available users)
  • Select user from the list
  • Enter details of notes you received from your users in respective fields
  • Go to Till Balance field
  • Press Alt + R (or you may also use ‘–R Reconcile’ button.
  • It will show following fields/columns…

Actual Amount

Amount collected by that particular users from transactions on that day


Amount counted as per your entry in Cash Drawer balancing

Till Balance

Amount given by you to the user (at the time of opening your shop)


Difference between given and accepted cash.

  • Fill up all the details
  • Save
  • It will ask for a print,
  • select ‘yes’ if you require a print else select ‘No’

Step2: Viewing the report

  1. Go to  Main Menu > Sales Management > Transaction > Cash Drawer Balancing (S> T> B)
  2. Alt + D (opens the display screen)
  3. F2
  4. Enter date range
  5. You can re-open any cash drawer balancing
    • Select that particular row
    • Alt + O (or you may also use ‘–O Open’ button)


Note: This type of cash drawer balancing is available in the version before 1.260. From version 1.260 the process of cash drawer balancing changed

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