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Know total commission amount on Credit Card receipts, deducted by the banker for the given date range.


There is standard 2% commission on all Credit Card receipts, which generally every bankers use to deduct from the total credit card receivables.


Steps 1: Do the following changes in Mode of Payment:

    1. From main menu go to the Mode of Payment (M > A > M)
    2. Press Alt + L to select “Credit Card” mop from the list
    3. Set commission percentage at “Commission %” field
    4. Press Alt + S to save the changes.

MOP Commission


Step 2: Credit Card commission report:

    1. From main menu go to the Day End Report (S > R > D)
    2. Press Ctrl + S  or click “^S Sale Fin” button to get the Sale-Finance Report
    3. Here you will get the credit card commission amount for the given date range.

Credit Card Commission Report



  • Commission Total = Credit Card receipt X Commission % entered in the Mode of Payment master as shown in the 1st step.
  • This is only to inform you about the commission on Credit Card receipts, though other features will be unaffected.



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