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Meal wise Sal–Finance Report.

Step 1: Do the following changes:

  1. From main menu go to the Day End Report (S > R > D)
  2. Press Ctrl + O key or click “^O Option” button
  3. Now do the changes as shown in picture below:

Sale Fin Option


Step 2: Meal wise Sale Finance report:

  1. From main menu go to the Day End Report (S > R > D)
  2. Press CTRL + S  or click “^S Sale Fin” button
  3. Meal wise Sale Finance report is as follows:

Sale Fin Report

Gross Sale

Subtotal of Brand / Department / Group / Subgroup as selected in the Option.


Charges entered using “^O Charges” button in the Sale Invoice (Scan POS).

Manual Discount

Discount entered using “^M Item Disc” button in the Sale Invoice (Scan POS).

Scheme Discount

Discount given using Scheme, Combo, Price List, Card Type etc.

Net Sale

Gross Sale + Charges - Manual Discount - Scheme Discount.

Tax Total

Subtotal of tax ledgers.

Other Discount

Other Charges amount.

Other Charges

Other Discount amount.


Round off amount.

Total Sale

Net Sale + Tax Total - Other Discount + Other Charges + R/o.


Tip amount.

Sale + Tip

Total Sale + Tip

MOP Total

MOP wise amount total.

Commission Total

MOP Commission amount.


Total number of pax.

Avg Amt  Per Customer

Total Sale / Pax.

No of Transactions

Total number of transactions.

Avg Amount Per Trans

Total Sale / No of Transactions.

Void Bill

Total number of void bills.

Void Qty

Total number of items has been void.

Void Amount

Total void amount.


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