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How to take printout of all cash memos for a particular day in a continuous thermal roll?


Please use the following steps to print sale report in 40 col receipt printer

  1. Go to Main Menu > Sale Management > Reports > Day End Report (S>R>D)
  2. Press “Alt + F6” (or you may also use “-F6 Sale Report” button from the screen)
  3. It will print an item wise report in your 40 column receipt printer.


  • Use this option on a system, where a 40 column receipt printer is installed. E.g. in a sale system.
  • This option doesn’t generate any print preview. It directly sends the report to the printer. If there is no printer installed on that particular system you will never find the printout.
  • It will always print the report of the current date. E.g. if you are on 08-02-2010 and you give a print of the sale report it will print the sale report of 08-02-2010. Now if you change the date to 07-02-2010 and try to take a print out it will give a printout of 08-02-2010.


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